Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Fast Boat Bali to Lombok

We are family have our holiday in Lombok on June 2014, it was a great holiday we spent in Lombok. See so many things around, Lombok has a wide tourism places and look so different with Bali, the Island is much natural, not so busy, sightseeing, beaches, nature and much more. As a sister island of Bali, part of Lombok has some tradition involved by Bali Island. Some Balinese can be found here.
Fast Boat Bali to Lombok is oneof recommended way to get to Lombok, We choose fast boat as Our best way to Lombok, because we love travel on the sea and We think it’s much interesting way. We have booked online our gili fast boat through Gilibestdeal.com, We found they offer at cheapest price, we paid only $33 per person for one way trip and we got a free Hotel pick up service from Kuta.

Lombok to Bali from Senggigi

The fast boat from Lombok to Bali are most depart from Senggigi Beach in Lombok, so it will be much easier for you if you are stay around Senggigi or Mataram. The boats schedule form Senggigi to Bali are most at 11.00 AM, like Mahi Mahi,Wahana Gili Ocean and Marina Srikandi,there are some depart in the afternoon like Scoot fast cruises at 12.45 PM and Marina also have a schedule at 03.00 PM. The cheapest ticket provider gili best deal is the recommended agency to book your fast boat Bali to Lombok or fast boat Lombok to Bali.

Recommended Places to Visit in Lombok

Lombok have some interesting places to visit; Senggigi is the main tourism and complete tourism facilities in Lombok, the hotels are find in any range here, from the backpackers to the five stars, restaurant are serving many kinds of cuisine; Indonesia, European, Mexicans, etc.
Senggigi Beach is famous with its sea view, white sandy beaches, snorkeling and swimming spot, small surf breaks at Kerandangan(North part of Senggigi).